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Gaming works

In the end, we all want fun work. Work that fits our interests, work that fits our knowledge and experience. More and more, the workforce consists of gamers and former gamers, young people who grew up playing video games and for whom gaming has played an important role in developing their talent and building knowledge.

Almost all games have an educational background. That can be complex and in-depth knowledge, like the history in Assassins Creed or the basic knowledge of military strategy through Call of Duty, Battlefield or Sniper Elite. But also less complex information, such as the knowledge of the use of English or other language and spatial orientation through logical use of street maps and navigation.

Precisely because gaming offers an almost invisible addition to the development of our talents, House of Esports believes it is important to build a bridge between school and work through gaming. On the one hand, our Gaming Works program offers the opportunity to make unknown talents visible and thus to give graduates in VMBO, MBO or HBO a job search direction. On the other hand, House of Esports is the partner for many organizations that are looking for special talent, for employees who are more than the books or projects of school, young people who have developed and proven themselves over and over again in the games they have played and the battles they've won.

Did you know that someone who has been a raid or guild leader in World of Warcraft often already has extensive leadership skills? Coaching and guiding a group of 20 or 40 players in their role several times every day towards a common goal. What other hobby or sport offers this experience? Think about that. And do you want to know what House of Esports can do for your organization? Please contact us.