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With our GameGym we reach young people who do not or hardly exercise and we succeed in getting this group to exercise. We look at the needs of the young people and respond to them. We place our activities in the perception of the young people. Our GameGym: Gamification of the movement!

Teaching young people how to move better from a pedagogical perspective. They must become competent and enthusiastic to participate in the current movement culture now and in the future.

Our mission is encouraging young people to participate in physical activity activities. We want them to participate in our exercise activities and attract attention by combining them with gaming. Our ultimate goal is that we enthuse young people so much and make them aware of the importance of exercise that they exercise for the rest of their lives. We aim to achieve this goal by creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Several important themes of ours are about society. The personal development of the children and young people is very important.

  1. Respect for teacher and coach, materials and eachother.

  2. Correct behavior during exercise activities.

  3. Fulfilling agreements.

  4. Dealing with winning and losing.

  5. Collaborate and communicate.

  6. Coaching, leading and discipline.

We want to ensure that, by offering a wide and varied program, we can be a stepping stone for youth in various branches of sport to join an association. This is good for personal development and for a healthy life.

By teaching young people about their own health and the importance of exercise, we encourage them to ultimately participate in the exercise and sports culture for life. Young people are formed into independent and responsible people who make a valuable contribution to society.

Our exercise activities are therefore not just occupational therapy, but have a clear goal with pleasure as the biggest factor. Something you enjoy will last the longest and that is what we aim for.